Local Minority Woman Claims she is “Living Like A Caucasian”


AUSTIN, TX- Stating that she had officially moved on from her ex boyfriend, local minority Joanne Prada, 28, reportedly claimed that she has been throwing all of her energy into really “living like a caucasian.” Sources state that Prada has filled her fridge with completely organic foods like ice cubes, dirt, and water and is thoroughly enjoying her new vegan lifestyle. In addition, Prada has reportedly joined yoga classes to replace the gaping hole being single has left in her life. “I see Joanne Prada at yoga every day in her trendy mesh cutout leggings and with her Lu Lu Lemon yoga mat. It really is hard to remember that she’s a minority sometimes,” a source told us after a session of heated yoga. At press time Prada was reportedly yelling at her ex boyfriend who had come over to return her things to “get out of [her] caucasian house.”