Local Senior “So Fucking Done” After Seeing a Footnote for Forever 21 on IB Exam


AUSTIN, TX- Area senior Tina Lawar proclaimed she was just “fucking done” after seeing a footnote for Forever 21 on an official Higher Level International Baccalaureate exam. “The prose section was pretty strange- but it was the goddamn footnote that sent me over the edge.” Lawar reportedly said to a friend. In fact Lawar wasn’t the only one put off by the strange footnote, 74% of IB students globally reported feeling like they were being mocked by the International Baccalaureate Organization. “I mean we put in hours of time and effort into studying and into our internal assessments. And they repay us with what? A Forever 21 footnote. What a joke.” A student from Amsterdam reportedly stated in agreement with Lawar. At press time, IB Organization Officers were reportedly scheming to add a two-digit by two-digit multiplication problem “just to screw with those higher level math kids.”